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Khóa điện tử cao cấp 504VLSG-CF

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• Anti-panic exit function • Auto locking mode and passage mode • Multi-level user entry • Audit trail possible • Voice prompt • Suitable for Residence, Commerial office, School, Government, Hospital, Bank.  User – friendly access (3 Ways)  Avoid guessing user PIN from fingerprint marks  Enhanced security by Scramble Code for PIN access You may add random code before your password or after your password to prevent any person beside you to peer your password  Interface with alarm system can be ordered

8.967.000 Đ

Số lượng: 

Total User:

230(fingerprint + code user altogether)


Zinc alloy with Chrome plating or PVD plating

Method of Fingerprint


Sensor speed:

1 sencond

False Rejection Rate:


False Acceptance Rate:


Password Combination:

3 to 12 digits combination

Mechanical key override:



4 standard AA alkaline batteries, 18 months in normal state


Light, Sound ( Mute, Beep, or music optional)

Deadbolt Indication:


Unlocking record for trail:


Low voltage warning:


Passage mode for meeting room:


Static consumption:


Dynamic consumption:




Working temperature:

-10 C to 60 C

Handle optional:





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